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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Backyard update 2013

After 26 years we made the big decision to remove our fibre glass pool. There were a few factors in making this decision:

  1. Water level dropping overnight. ? leakage
  2. Pump not working satisfactorily.. too old for repair therefore replacement
  3. Cost of electricity running the pump for 8 hours a day.
  4. Cost of water to top up the pool
  5. Not enough use in summer
Graham made a start by draining the water out by gravity (garden hose) down the drain and then hiring a pump to finish it off. When cutting a hole in the base gallons of water erupted like a fountain - a confirmation of leakage and hence the correct decision to remove it.
A Saturday working bee with Ben and Howard completed the process of removing the fiberglass sides, steps and concrete path surrounds. Thanks to Ben for operating the jack hammer to breakup concrete. All thrown into the huge void.

This completes stage 1 and we now await the clean fill. An estimated 7-8 truckloads.

Graham set out to remove a piece of fencing to allow access, so now Sheba is confined to in home detention.

Stage 2 begins at 10am Friday morning 28th June - one load of fill. supposed to return in afternoon and also weekend. It is now 1pm Saturday and we've not seen nor heard from them yet. It appears that there is a lack of fill so we need to be patient and hopefully by Monday we will see more action.

In the mean time - what will fill the space? Hydoponics and hothouse for sure.