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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Finally Home

Thursday 20th September - Finally home

We left Varese in plenty of time to return the car and reach the Malpensa airport (Milan) for our afternoon flight. In fact we were there much too early and sat around for three hours watching the passing parade. We were very much relieved to return the car without any blemishes or dints and to have found the drop off point right to the door, thanks to the GPS.
We were both ready to come home after almost 5 weeks and 4,152 kilometres of driving around Italy.

A truly wonderful experience.

We were very pleased to see Kate & Scott at the airport to meet us and deliver us safely home around 11.30pm. Rachael had done a fabulous job with the house sitting and in fact it looked like no-one had been living in the house as it was exactly as we had left it. Sheba greeted us as we arrived and seemed pleased to see us. SHe was a very lucky cat to have someone look after her so well in our absence.

Friday 21st September was spent in banks and shopping for groceries.  A start made on all the paperwork for insurance claims - CBA for application for reimbursement of the euros stolen, Peugeot (Sodexa) for reimbursement for the cot of replacement tyre and  Covermore travel insurance for the rest!

Sunday after a very slow start and an afternoon visit to Lynbrook to collect our fish to return to their larger fish tank. They had been very spoilt whilst we were away. Thanks to Ben & Krystle.

Monday 24th September - back to work for me and to catch up on all the happenings of the past 5 weeks.

Since arriving home, I have sorted and resorted my hundreds of photographs, prepared a Powerpoint presentation for Graham to present at Companion Club and a movie to present to Home League all within three weeks of arriving home. Now for the book!!

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