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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Giverney - Monet's Garden

Friday 1st October - We awoke to beautiful, blue skies and were convinced that the weather was on the improve, so we dressed accordingly, Graham in shorts and myself in ¾ pants and short sleeve top. By the time we arrived at Giverny, the skies were very threatening and it was about 15° with a decent wind. So the coats went on again. We toured Monet’s House and garden and then the paintings in the museum by Maximilien Luce (a neo-Impressionist painter) This style shows many dot type paintings with colours not being mixed on the palate. A very interesting style of painting and Luce was a prolific painter.

Monet’s garden is obviously different all year round depending on the season and whilst it was very colourful, we both thought it would be a very different scene in springtime. The water garden is very beautiful and a great spot to relax and contemplate. I can understand why Monet painted so much in the water garden, lily pond area. It was very beautiful. Of course as all tours they end in the shop and there were many lovely things to buy, including paintings, mugs, calendars and much, much more. By the time we’d seen through the museum it was lunchtime and it was then it rained, very lightly, but wet just the same.

Photos of the very beautiful Monet's Garden in Autumn

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  1. Dear Jennie, I am so glad you decided to post the images of your trip, specially Monet's gardens, because my imagination needed a bit of inspiration in the creation of one of my art dolls. (I am currently working on my little Monet's Garden Spirit) I have posted a link to your blog in my FaceBook pages, I hope it is okay with you. Your photos are so beautiful, all the places you visited, or most of them are in my "bucket list" :) Come to visit will you? https://www.facebook.com/pages/Awesomeart/369603839735177?ref=hl Bright Blessings to your weekend. Griselda