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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Best made plans..

Saturday 1st September

Temperature much cooler – top 26° and perfect for a leisurely stroll around Appia Antica. Well that was the plan!

We set off about 10am to walk along the Appia Antica area starting across the road from our accommodation with some archeological finds of what appears to be baths probably belonging to a wealthy family. As we left, we saw sheep being moved along the way. We’d heard about this but probably didn’t expect to see it. We walked for several kilometers along the Appia Antica almost to the Arch when we decided to purchase bus tickets and get into Rome to Stazione Termini (the main train station) and check about a 3 day Roma Pass. We managed the bus & train system so far but the cost add up with short trips and the tickets expire after 45-100 minutes. 

We decided to purchase a pass for €30 each and this gives us access to all buses, trains and trams, free entry to 2 museums and discounts on others.  Instead of coming home for lunch and a relaxing afternoon, we set off for the Colosseum. This is really an amazing structure and we spent about an hour walking around and taking photos and even took photos for others and then were able to get a couple together as well. By 2.30pm we were feeling a bit “peckish”, found some lunch and sat for about half an hour before tackling the Palatine and Roman Forum. Foot sore and weary we headed for home and welcome rest arriving home just after 6pm. Not bad for an easy relaxing day.
We both commented about the reduced numbers of tourists. Whilst there were many organized group tours, the area was not bustling at all and we felt very comfortable walking at our own pace without being jostled along- quite different from our experience in Venice. And certainly a cooler day was very welcome.

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