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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rome Day 4 From Pantheon to Catacombs

  Inside Pantheon

Pantheon & Piazza Minerva
Having fun

133 ice cream, gelati, mousse flavours

Graham's new purchase - Jacket made in Italy

Piazza Navona


Home sweet home

Tuesday 4th September

Temperature – much cooler and rain

We awoke to rain which got heavier as the morning continued however with our last day in Rome we set oNo 660 bus / train and then walk. We have a map that we received with our Roma Pass and whilst it ahs the main attractions, it is short on street names or the print is so small that we cannot read it however we negotiated our way to the Pantheon without much trouble. As far as we could see there were umbrellas everywhere and no verandas over shops. The rain was fairly heavy and the street vendors were doing a roaring trade selling umbrellas!

After visiting the Pantheon with the rain streaming down from the open dome, we had coffee at a side café of which there is no shortage – all touting for customers. We set off along a narrow side street and after a while decided we were probably heading in the wrong direction for Piazza Navona. We did come across a sign which here in Rome could mean any direction but got out the trusty Frommer’s Italy Day by Day and found our way back to Piazza Navona. Although we had decided that we would slow the pace, we still wanted to get to the Catacombs before 4.30pm as the last tour was at 5pm so time for a few photos of what would normally have been a very “buzzing” area but today probably a bit quieter due to the weather. We found a lovely little restaurant for lunch.

Earlier in one of the narrow lanes off the Piazza Minerva, Graham had seen a lovely jacket in a shop window. In his normal style declined to try it on or even consider purchasing, however after lunch we back tracked and he did in fact to my surprise buy the jacket. We also stopped at an ice cream/gelati/yoghurt & mousse shop for dessert. I think the board said 133 flavours, but that does sound a lot. The ice cream was really delicious. 

We set off on our way to find a bus/train/bus to the San Callisto Catacombs. This was an amazing place and our guide gave us a history lesson before taking us on the tour of teh first two levels only which was most interesting. About 500,000 bodies were buried here from Popes right down to servants. As the Catacombs is along the Appia Antica we walked the 3-4 kilometres home. As there are no footpaths and the car & bus drivers have no regard for pedestrians, it is quite a challenge walking the Appia Antica.

Time for coffee, photo sorting, blogs and reading are the order of the evening before packing cases and bed time.
We move on to Tuscany tomorrow and I think the internet is limited where we are staying so, things may get a bit quiet for a few days. We have accommodation in one place for 5 days between Florence and Prato and then 3 nights in Camaiore near Lucca.

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