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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gold Coast in June

I can understand why so many people migrate north during winter. Last weekend, we were privileged to join with friends to celebrate Jason & Tonia's marriage at the Gold Coast. The weather for the whole 4 days  was sunny, warm and a little "nippy"at night.

Graham even ventured into the water at Broadbeach. I was surprised to see that the beaches were patrolled even in June!

The Colonial Golf Club in Rubina was the venue for the reception and this proved to be a very beautiful location. The views were spectacular and the food was outstanding. If anything there was too much food.

On Sunday we drove to the Tambourine Mountains, watched some hang gliding, enjoyed a short walk to Curtis Falls, walked along Gallery walk before having a very late lunch of homemade Chicken and Bacon soup which was delicious.

A great weekend indeed!


  1. Hi Jen
    I loved the Gallery Walk and was trying to remember what it was called when I discussed with Mum and Dad on Saturday night. That hinterland area of the Gold Coast is beautiful and such spectacular views!
    Geof x

  2. hi jennie..great photo of graham and howard..val