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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Log Cabin Quilt project

At last... after 9-10 years, this quilt has finally been completed! I must confess though that it had been sitting in the cupboard unfinished for about  8 years. I set about completing all unfinished objects (UFO's) last year and almost succeeded. However I started many new projects along the way and with a newly ignited passion for the craft and dare I say it a little more time, I have now realised my mission. I was determined to quilt it myself on my trusty Janome and after many hours was able to complete the project and this lovely Queen sized quilt now adorns our bed.

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  1. Jennie! I didn't realise you had started a blog... this quilt is amazing. So much detail and such little squares. I'm still at home nursing my ear - was headed off to work this morning until I saw the ENT doctor and she ordered me to stay at home until Monday. Well, at least it'll mean lots of knitting this week!