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Friday, August 24, 2012

Temperature topped 40 degrees today!

Thursday 23rd August

After breakfast it was time to pack the bags and car and leave Venice. We headed south with the first stop - Padua. We visited the Basilica di Sant’Antonio & Prato della Valle.
Next stop Ferrara where Graham was pulled over by the bicycle police and threatened with a fine for driving in a pedestrian and cycle area only.  We quickly U turned and found a parking spot before doing a tour of Castello Estense – A moat encircled domain of the Este family. A rather large building dating back to the 14th Century complete with dungeons for prisoners.  Beautiful lavish frescoed walls and ceilings and a marble chapel. We had a short stop for lunch before heading further south to Bologna. The weather is amazingly hot with top temperature today of 40°. A bit much to take when you need to be on the move. We found our accommodation very easily -Hotel Fiore is on the outskirts of Bologna.  After the mandatory washing of clothes and bodies, we set off again with map in hand to the City centre. Found the parking station and walked along to Piazza Maggiore. Decided to take an open topped bus tour around the city before finding somewhere to eat then back to hotel. We seem to have walked many kilometres so far in the past six days but find it is the best way to explore the cities. Car parking and autostrada fees are quite an expensive but necessary part of the holiday.
Fountain at Padua

Castella Estensa - Ferrara

One of the beautiful ceilings

Castella Estensa

Piazza Nettuno - Bologna

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