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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Venice / Murano

Temperature 36° again

When heading off to catch the bus across to Venice we accidentally stumbled across the Mestre market very close to our hotel. A very busy place indeed- Fruit & Veggies, Fish, Cheese and heaps of clothes. The vans stretched on and on for blocks.  About an hour later we took the bus to Venice and then the Vaporetta to Murano. We were fortunate enough to arrive before the crowds and didn’t have to wait long for a glass blowing exhibition. The glass is blown into many varied shapes, sizes & colours and created into many forms both useful and ornamental - from jewellery to chandeliers. Almost every shop along the canal sells glass in some form or another. We took the vaporetta back to S.Marco and visited the Basilica. The queue was much shorter today than yesterday morning.We were quite disappointed by the dreariness of it compared to the lovely Notre Dames in France however the floor mosaics were amazing. We headed back to Rialto for some shopping before heading home. We felt more comfortable today knowing our way around the vaporetta system. We even found a supermarket across from our hotel and purchased a few goodies to have dinner in tonight. 


Glass street art

Glass street art

  •  Retail stores 50-70% off sales similar to home -Many derelict and/or empty buildings in Mestre reflecting economic times.
  • Our accommodation was comfortable but very small room. 
  • Excellent buffet breakfast
  • Weather is very hot
  • Public transport is excellent
  • Loads of tourists
  • No seating available on the island unless eating at a cafe or restaurant
  • Pizza &  pasta in abundance
  • Beautiful ice cream
  • Very colourful
  • Multicultural and language no problem – most signs are also in English and some restaurants have menus in different languages.
  • Many of the buildings are in poor shape 
  • Both glad we visited Venice

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