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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friday 17th September

It's never too late.... to live in the present

Most problems are fears of the future
or worries from the past.
If you live in the present they don't exist.
In the present you're as alive as you can be.
Your decisions are spontaneous.
Your heart is open.
Your spirit is free.

"Life is short and time is swift"            Proverb

We’d decided to have a leisurely day – a slow start and walk into the main town centre and find the market. We woke around 9.30am and after coffee set off on foot. We left the hotel with no map/no GPS but fortunately headed in the right direction and after about 15-20 minutes caught a glimpse of the Saint Eutrope Church. From there we found the market with fresh fruit & vegies, meat, seafood, poultry and cheese. We bought a punnet of raspberries which were very delicious and this was pre breakfast snack.  

We then headed on down to Quartier Saint Pierre and had coffee and croissant for breakfast now 11am. We found the Musee de l’Echevinage a collection of 19-20th Century paintings.

Did some window shopping along the narrow alley ways in the main part of the town centre before heading back to the market where we purchased, tomatoes, an avocado, bananas and strawberries. I'm even improving getting the right money to pay!! Found a boulangerie on the way home and complete with baguette we headed back to the hotel for lunch.

The diet ratio now is about 2:2 with breads, croissants & pastries to fruit & vegies.

Too bad about the footy scores - but well done to the Magpies.

It is a perfect Sunny 25° today and there is daylight until about 8pm. It's really fantastic.

I think we've walked well over 6kms all up today so time for a rest now!

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  1. Jennie & Graham
    Keep the newsy notes and photos coming...it sounds fantastic what you have been doing...
    Have a great time...
    Val & Howard