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Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunday 26th September

We've had a feast of history here in Reims. The Notre Dame Cathedral, St Remi Basilica,Museums,the map room where the historical signing of the Nazi unconditional surrender took place on 7th May 1945. We've also learned that there are many kilometres of caves that run under the city. Once used by Benedictine monks as they joined Notre Dame and St Remi Basilica and also for shelter from the bombings during the war and now used to store many millions of bottles of champagne We've been in just a small area 20 metres under ground. The chalk room, pyramid shape was amazing and is ideal for storage of champagne at 10 degrees all year round.

We've walked our feet off which is just as well as we've gained a good sense of direction, necessary when the GPS cannot cope with this City, the largest we've been in so far. There are road works, roundabouts no longer there, the construction of tram tracks and closed off roads not to mention one way traffic. The weather has been wet and very cold with chilly winds. I think everyone here is wearing coats except us. Only got to 11 degrees by mid afternoon today so are pleased to have a warm apartment just 10 minutes walk from the main shopping/ restaurant precinct. For a very large city with huge numbers of tourists we have been astonished that all the shops except restaurants/bars are closed today.

Porte de Mars a 3rd Century Roman Arch - Reims

Courtyard of museum of Fine Arts

back view of Notre Dame, Reims

Cave of Taittenger Co

Staircase in St Remi Museum

Foyer at Munn Champagne House

Blue skies over Notre Dame Reims - doesn't show the chilly winds

One window in St Remi's Basilica


  1. You might also recognise the cathedral from Monet's paintings - see some of them at the Musee D'Orsay on the weekend! Sorry I'm not coming to Paris to meet you afterall, but it's very tempting!

  2. Jennie & Graham..
    What fabulous photos and memories you will have
    ...keep them coming...Val