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Friday, September 17, 2010


It's never too late... to say thank you

It takes so little.
Yet it means so much.
Make the effort.
No matter how late.
Mean it.
Say it generously.
It lifts spirits.
It maintains friendships.
And seals love.

"who gives not thanks to men, gives not thanks to God." Arab proverb

Merci, merci beaucoup is heard everywhere here in France as well as Bonjour, Bon Soir, Au Revoir...

Only an hour further south on our journey, we arrived at Saintes. A City full of ancient monuments. Today we visited what remains of an ampitheatre which was built in 40 AD. Very hard to imagine. We followed three walking tours which started at the Ampitheatre and we then found Saint Eutrope Church. The church was built by Benedictine monks and consecrated in 1096. The crypt was huge with amazing architecture. Further along on our walk we came across an Archaeological museum as well as a couple of churches and a convent  - Abbaye aux Dames. The beautiful narrow streets with buildings imposing and often the outside walls are on the lean add character! 

A wonderful experience and very different from the Island and Loire Valley. Most people speak some English but today we've been challenged! My school girl French was not all wasted.

As far as diet is concerned - baguettes, pastries and croissants outweigh fruit and vegetables by about 4:1. I wonder if we'll get sick of the fabulous pastries?

Another day here tomorrow then off to Bergerac via Cognac.

There is no change to the rules for driving as set out on the first day. The roundabouts are plentiful and I am getting more confident especially if only one lane. Unfortunately today there were two lanes entering a roundabout and I couldn’t take the correct exit because of trucks on my right, so around again. I do remember these roundabouts form 2004 and also the traffic lights which are overhead but also a very small set at eye level.. very cute!
I think for every man, woman & child in France there must be at least one dog. They are everywhere along the streets in shops, at restaurants - All shapes, breeds and sizes...on leads and in shopping baskets... so much for OH&S.
Signs on buildings along the streets.. you do need to watch where you step too!
Ampitheatre with Saint-Eutrope Church in the background
Some of the reconstructed pieces in the Archaeoligical Museum
Au Revoir... Until next time