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Friday, September 17, 2010

Thursday 16th September


After a wonderful three days in the Loire Valley, we set off for L'Ile de Re a small island of  La Rochelle.  

L'Ile de Ré is an island that is apparently very popular with the Parisians for their summer holidays. We are stayed at St Martin which is a quaint fishing port and one of 10 separate areas. The island itself is about 30 kms in length and 5 kms at its widest  point and main production is salt. There was a gorgeous waffle shop and we decided to try one – chocolate and Chantilly. Oh dear, much too rich and messy – never again.
Our excellent GPS took us right to the door of Le Clos Rhea. This place is in a very narrow street and was all locked up like Fort Knox. We did have some difficulty with getting in as we couldn’t be heard despite pressing the bell several times. However eventually, we were met at the gate and shown around the complex, paid the bill and were given instructions regarding security entrance and exit from the complex and finding the parking out the back. This required driving around one way streets and was a bit tricky with the tiny narrow streets and driveways. This village is typically French with whitewashed buildings and green shuttered windows and of course the very narrow streets.
Typical cobble stoned street
St  Martin - Port
Le Clos Rhea- our accommodation

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